Adventures | Experience the unexpected with Unplugged Outdoors

Adventures = unexpected, exciting events. Fancy a change of scenery, going off the beaten path and escaping from the daily rat race? Need new stimulation? Join Unplugged Outdoor on an adventure trail! Excitement, but of the fun kind: wandering through the wilderness, making fire, cooking and sleeping outside, spotting animals. Just full focus on the nature around you and your own nature in yourself. Devices OFF, (dis)excitement ON. It works! The team of Unplugged Outdoor takes you to the most beautiful places in the Netherlands or abroad (the French Vosges for example). Book a weekend or several days. Experience adventures with children, friends, colleagues or solo within a group of strangers (who will probably become friends after your trip). Give yourself that pleasure, go on an adventure and experience the unexpected with Unplugged Outdoor!

Books have been written full of adventures. Fiction, non-fiction, investigations. Especially when you experience adventures in the great outdoor s, it gives a whole slew of positive effects on your whole BEING.


What does adventuring do to you

Your stress disappears
You are open to social contact
Personal development and sense of purpose grow
It encourages you to enjoy exercise (climb that tree for that beautiful view!)

Balkan Trail

What does unplugged outdoor let you experience when you join us on an adventure

Physical exertion
Mental relaxation
Unplugging to the max!
Experience the unexpected with Unplugged Outdoors!

Balkan Trail_joyful

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Unplugged Outdoor creates a place in nature where you unwind and regain your footing. Literally. You press your OFF button and go out with us to discover, meet and be yourself. Simpler living, less stuff, more nature: a happier you.

Discover the outdoor lifestyle and go active & offline into the weekend.
Do yourself a favor and join us! Offline is the new luxury.

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