Outdoor Cooking Weekend

Unplugged OutdoorCooking Weekend - 3 days of culinary camping in nature



3 days € 269, - p.p.


Mea van Vugt- van Kampen
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What a fantastic days we experienced during our outdoor cooking weekend. Unaware of home with a group of 8 women who let the de-stressing come over them. We laughed, enjoyed, ate great food, shared stories and were totally zen and absorbed all the beauty of nature. Gerty and Jimmy, thank you for this wonderful experience! You are a top couple!!👊🏻 We started with 8 but formed a cozy group of 10. Highly recommend booking an event with Unplugged Outdoor.
Liselotte Stienstra
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What an incredibly fun weekend we had. Delicious food, picked our own weeds and made blissful things from them. Learned a lot, and yep...even I can now make fire...🤣 Jim and Gertie are wonderful people who make such a trip unforgettable!
Petra Zaanen- Groeneweg
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There are countless ways to get in touch and even more ways to communicate with each other and yet .......when you go offline real contact occurs. Jimmy and Gerty are really able to let you unwind and put you in relax or zen mode. You learn skills that bring you closer to nature, how nice is that. And then the cooking.....man, man a star restaurant could be jealous. Finally a great combination of relaxing, enjoying, chatting, hiking and fill in the rest yourself 😉🤸.
Judith Rademaker
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What a super weekend Phone off and enjoy Good weather super nice group and delicious food What more could you want Definitely recommended And I will definitely come back Thanks Gerty and Jimmy
Marina Jongeman
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Monday morning, still reeling from a fantastic weekend. With unplugged outdoor a weekend in the great outdoors. No phone no distractions and lots of time together. Hiking, finding and picking herbs, learning to make your own fire. To then prepare the most delicious recipes together. All in the manner of long ago open fire with cast iron pans and dutch oven. Recommended for n anyone who wants to relax. The guidance of Jimmy and Gerty is top and have ensured that everyone went home with a big smile. Gr Marina
Leoni Goudkuil
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What a treat it was with Unplugged Outdoor! A fully catered weekend of outdoor play where you don't get bored for a moment. I participated in the outdoor cooking weekend. Jimmy and Gerty had put together an incredibly fun program in which knowledge of nature and bushcraft was alternated with preparing the most delicious recipes on an open fire. There is room for rest, but also for action. Good conversations by the campfire and just delicious food! I will definitely come back again to attend a weekend of Unplugged Outdoor! Many thanks toppers! Love Leoni
Miriam Kesting-van Luling
Miriam Kesting-van Luling
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So much fun, so relaxed, so cozy and so educational. Very nice people and a super nice atmosphere. After a weekend of Outdoor Cooking with new skills, brimming with inspiration and a belly full of food, I went home again 😁 Definitely worth repeating and highly recommended!!!


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